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Dr. John D. Davison has been Director of Community and Family Health for Johnson County, California for 3 years. Trained as a public health and medical professional, he has a reputation as a hard-working Christian, creative thinker, and supportive leader with particular skill in collecting, interpreting, and using data to improve programs. In one month, he will assume the position of State Director for Public Health after the retirement of Dr. Coleman who has been in the position for over 25 years. The has been a vocal but not always tactful advocate for the issue of childhood obesity, stating, “Our schools, our families, our parents are failing our children.” As is the case nationwide, childhood obesity is a high profile issue in the state.

Recent national figures rank the state in the top 20% of states in the number of children classified as clinically obese. Governor Greg Patterson of California is particularly concerned about the unflattering statistic, not to mention the pressure that the problem is putting on the Medicaid budget. He wants the Public Health Department to develop a results-oriented datadriven plan that he can tout at an upcoming meeting of the National Governors’ Association.


To complete this data analysis (Table 1), you may use Excel Analysis Toolpak, MegaStat or any appropriate statistical software or resource available to you.

The Household Data file contains data for 150 households surveyed including race, religious preference, household income, family size, home price, number of bedrooms, highest education in the home, and obesity in the household.

Analyze the 150 encounters with basic statistics such as mean, mode, and standard deviation. You may need to execute more complex statistics such as regression, correlation, or proportion analysis to determine the current state of this community.

The outgoing Director and Governor hypothesized that Christian medium-sized household have higher rates of obesity than non-Christian medium sized households. Another working hypothesis is that Blacks and Hispanics have higher rates of obesity than White Americans in California.  Be sure to explore other potential relationships that may help the governor understand what is happening in his state.

The governor is interested in the following:

  1. Does a race disparity for obesity exist among residents in this community?
  2. Does religious preference impact obesity in the household?
  3. Are there any trends in obesity based on home price, family size or number of bedrooms in the home?
  4. Evaluate the association between education, race and obesity. Is there an interaction between these factors?
  5. The governor is also interested in the validity of this and would like to know whether additional sampling is needed to validate these findings.
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