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Essay on Personal Philosophy

Nursing practice is a responsible and pivotal job that needs much efforts from the part of the nurse to deliver nursing care services to clients and help them not only to cope with their health problems but also to rehabilitate after the illness. In this regard, the personal philosophy of nursing comprises the theoretical and philosophic framework within which one can develop his/her personal vision and determines the professional development of the nurse. In this regard, my personal philosophy is closely intertwined with my professional development as a nurse but I view my philosophy broader than a mere part of my profession or my professional development. Instead, I view my personal philosophy of nursing as a part of my worldview that determines my decisions, choices and actions not only in the health care setting but also in other aspects of my social and personal life.

Personal philosophy of nursing

My definition of my personal philosophy of nursing includes the professional responsibility and the system of values that determines my performance as a professional nurse. In other words, my personal philosophy of nursing determines my actions and decisions that I take and perform in the course of my professional performance and influences my relations with my colleagues and clients. The system of values comprises the core of my values. In this regard, I should say that I stick to the humanistic system of values based on the respect and priority of human rights and human dignity.

Key assumptions of my personal philosophy of nursing originate from the system of values, which I adhere and which I am trying to stick to in my professional performance and my personal life. First, I view human dignity as one of the major concerns that nurses should respect and protect by all possible means. Nurses should respect the human dignity of each client and they should avoid any biases and prejudices in relation to their clients. Second, the respect to human rights is another important assumption that shapes the system of values that comprises the core of my personal philosophy. In this regard, the privacy right and confidentiality of clients should be one of the major concerns of a nurse.

At the same time, nursing and my personal philosophy of nursing is not just the matter of the respect to human rights and human dignity of clients but also it is my personal responsibility for the quality of nursing care I provide for each client. I should do my best to provide each client with the top quality nursing care service (Hann, et al., 2007). To provide client with nursing care services of the high quality I should keep progressing and develop my professional skills and abilities along with the provision of clients with counseling services. In general, I should use the client-centered approach to match needs of each client and help each client to recover and rehabilitate fast and effectively.

My personal philosophy of nursing is closely interrelated with such concepts as person, environment, health, and nursing proper. The person of a nurse is very important because a nurse should be a moral person respecting human dignity and cultural norms of each client. The environment should match clients’ needs too. This means that nurses should create client-friendly and client-centered approach environment, where clients can feel at ease and recover fast and successfully. In this regard, the psychological help is as important as physical one. The health of clients is the primary concern of any nurse but I would broaden the concept of health from the physical health solely to physical and psychological health too (Rounds & Rappaport, 2008). Nurses should take care not only of the physical health of clients and help them to recover faster but also nurses should help clients to improve their psychological condition and regain their psychological condition. The point is to provide clients with counseling services that will help them to elaborate a long-run strategy of the clients’ recovery and rehabilitation that will complement the recovery of their physical health. In fact, such a combination of the physical health treatment and counseling provided for clients with respect to their cultural norms, beliefs and individual needs of each client.

My belief/philosophy compared to that of a professionally recognized nurse theorist (FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE)

In fact, my personal philosophy of nursing is, to a certain extent similar to that of Florence Nightingale. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Florence Nightingale was one of the first nursing theorists, who laid the foundation to the nursing theory. In this regard, some researchers (Bostridge, 2008) view Florence Nightingale as one of the first theorists, who development the Environmental Theory of Nursing because she insisted on the importance of the creation of the healthy environment, where clients could recover faster and more effectively. In this regard, I fully agree with Florence Nightingale but I would also expand the creation of the healthy environment for clients and I would complement her ideas by the idea of the provision of counseling services and creation of the comfortable environment in psychological terms.

At the same time, Florence Nightingale was the proponent of the dominance of natural laws and the scientific approach to nursing. I agree with such approach to nursing. However, taking into consideration the contemporary nursing environment, I would also introduce the concept of multiculturalism as one of the main elements of the contemporary nursing (Speroff, et al., 2010). In actuality, nurses are working in the multicultural environment. This is why they have to do their best to develop the universal system of values and manifest the respect to human dignity of each client. Nurses should come prepared to deal with clients, who have totally different cultural background, and nurses should be able to meet their needs and provide with effective counseling services. Therefore, nurses should be able to adapt to diverse cultural environment.

My personal philosophy and culture, spirituality, age, gender, etc.

Therefore, my personal philosophy of nursing is based on multiculturalism. At the same time, I am trying to develop a tolerant attitude to clients, who have different cultural background. The similar tolerance is essential for the development of the positive relations between nurses and clients of different age and gender. In fact, nurses should come prepared to work in the diverse environment since the diversity comprises one of the most essential elements of the contemporary nursing care. If nurses cannot work in the diverse environment, they are likely to under-perform and be unable to perform their functions properly.

My personal nursing philosophy and patients’ and families’ quest for God

Patients’ and families’ quest for God may be the psychological basis on the ground of which nurses can develop the psychological ground for the recovery of patients (Minvielle, 2008). The quest for God can help clients to cope with their psychological problems and find new priorities in their life that will help them to recover physically and spiritually. On the other hand, the quest for God is important but not essential for the recovery of patients and delivery of nursing care services of the high quality. Nurses should be able to provide counseling services and any psychological aid for patients, while the quest for God is just one of forms of such psychological aid.

My philosophy’s implications for the future of nursing and/or new nursing roles

In fact, my personal philosophy of nursing has implications for the future nursing and may contribute to the development of new nursing roles. For example, traditionally nursing was associated with the nursing care. Instead, I suggest expanding the role of nurses through the provision of counseling services for clients. I would not distinguish the physical and spiritual or psychological treatment of patients and this is a new aspect of nursing, which remained underestimated in the past. In addition, my personal philosophy of nursing views multiculturalism as one of the main elements of the professional performance of nurses, who should come prepared to work in the new multicultural and diverse environment that imposes a new role on them as tolerant care givers, who can work in the diverse environment.

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