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ESOL SBN: SOLOM Oral Language Assessment

ESOL SBN: SOLOM Oral Language Assessment
For this assignment, you will complete an informal oral proficiency assessment with a person who is easily accessible to you; ideally you would speak with an English learner, but you can speak with a native speaker for this assignment. This tool will allow you to gauge the speaker’s oral proficiency and give you an opportunity to practice assessing a person’s oral proficiency.
SOLOM Assignment Directions
Part One: Read the SOLOM Overview: Required Reading in MyCourses.
Part Two: Listen to the person you have chosen for approximately one hour, and evaluate the person’s speech based on the SOLOM matrix (in MyCourses). Preferably, you will speak with the person directly to gain a richer understanding of their oral proficiency.
To complete the evaluation:

  1. Print out the Matrix itself and it carefully so you are familiar with the categories and levels.
  2. Have the Matrix with you when you are completing the proficiency assessment.
  3. Immediately after you have spoken with the person you have chosen, place an “x” in the box that reflects the person’s proficiency level for each criteria.
  4. Total the score.
  5. Using the key at the bottom of the Matrix, highlight the proficiency level that the person falls into. Submit a copy of your SOLOM Matrix with your summary paper.
    Part Three: Write a 1-2 page summary paper describing your experience in APA style including the following:
  6. Description of the person with whom you conducted the SOLOM and where you conducted the SOLOM.
  7. The topic(s) that the person talked about.
  8. The score you gave the person for each category on the matrix with specific examples to justify the score – use the completed matrix for this part.
  9. Two teaching suggestions to improve the oral proficiency of the person with an explanation of which area of oral proficiency (from the matrix) will be targeted.
  10. Reflect – Discuss the following questions in a brief reflection
     What did you learn as a result of administering this assessment?
     What was the most valuable thing you learned from this experience, and how will it help you in your future career? Be specific.
    Once you have written your paper, paste the SOLOM matrix into your document as an appendix to your summary paper. Upload the summary paper in one file to the Chalk & Wire dropbox.
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