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1.which of the following is true of the electrons in bohr model of the atom

they give off energy as they jump to a higher level

they exisit at specific energy levels

they cannont move from one orbital to another 

they are equally close to the nucleus

2. What is true of valence electrons 

they easily move from one orbital to another.

they are always the lowest energy electrons of the atom 

they have diffculty moving from one ortital to another 

they exist in the outer orbital 

3. What must happen for an electron to move to a higher energy level?

the electron must collide with the nucleus 

the electron must release energy throught fisson

the electron must transfer energy to another electron 

the electron must gain energy

4. What must happen for an electron to fall to a lower energy level?

the electron must lose energy 

the electron must collide witht the nuclues 

the electron must transfer some energy to the nucleus 

the electron must absorb light energy 

5. Which scientist is credited with developing the orbital model of the atom?

JJ. Thomson 

Niels Bohr

Ernest Rutherford 


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