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“When a reporter makes a mistake in a magazine article, you can run a correction; but when a health care worker makes a mistake, someone can die.” Reflecting on this statement, should we hold people in certain professions to higher standards of legal accountability and responsibility? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your position? How is your response to these questions consistent with the moral philosophy you described in the Unit 1 discussion board assignment? Explain. If it is not consistent with that philosophy, explain why your philosophy has changed.

In your own words, please post a response.

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The mistake made by the reporter can be corrected by publishing an apology letter in the media. However, a mistake made by the healthcare worker can cause irreversible damages to the patient, such as prolonged illness or disease or even death. The margin of error for people in certain professions, such as in medical professions or healthcare is zero. Thus, we should certainly hold people in such professions to a higher standard of legal accountability and responsibility in order to ensure that people in such …

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