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Week 8 Capstone Project: Issues with Employees Using Social Media: Video, Website, Project, etc.

You will use the graphic organizers, peer evaluation of your GOs, research from your sources, outline, discussion of the form of the project, and all professor feedback to create a final product. This may be in the form of a video, pamphlets, presentations, and websites (this is not an exhaustive list and creativity is encouraged). NO PAPERS! BUT:

Whatever you do, it must contain  enough content to be equivalent to a traditional five-page, double-spaced paper. So a few PowerPoint slides or Prezi sections with a bit of text here and there will  not be sufficient.

Submit your project or link to YouTube, Vimeo, website, etc. to the Assignments tab. Make sure I can access Internet-hosted items – such as through public access or invited access. If I cannot get to it, I cannot grade it.

While you are creating your project, you want to strive to “advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources” (ISTE, 2008).  This is from the ISTE NETS for Teachers Standard 4.a.

You also want to “promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information” (ISTE, 2008).  This is from the ISTE NETS for Teachers Standard 4.c. This is reflected in the Content and Defense sections.

There are four aspects to the project:

1.     Content: The video, website, or project (“product”) will explain the technology under consideration. Your product will explain at least two related ethical issues surrounding the technology (ethical positions) regarding the use of a piece of technology as it relates to the human person. The ethical positions must directly relate to the impact of the technology on the human person. The discussion may also discuss economics, budgetary issues, performance issues, etc. but the end effects of the technology must be related in terms of the impact on the human person. Otherwise the discussion is not ethical but merely monetary or practical. Such discussions are fine, but are for Webster University’s George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology or an engineering school, not a class on ethics. You can examine various facets of such impact, including human dignity, racism, economic equality, erosion of historical culture, etc. You will use your research to defend both ethical issues, no matter how you personally feel about the positions. This is similar to being on a debate team: the members must research and be prepared to defend either side, for they do not know on which side they will be placed for the competition.

Remember: the amount of content must be equivalent to the amount in a five-page research paper.

2.     Defense: You will defend one of the ethical positions using examples, research, or evidence from your own life and from your sources. The position will be of your choosing, most likely one that you personally agree with. The point is for you to defend the position in your own words, using research and data to back up your beliefs.

3.     Writing/Presentation Quality: Text-based products should flow well and be written using graduate-level grammar. Organization of all products should be logical and show clear intent of direction, not be haphazard collections of ideas with no clear organization and flow. Presentations should look “good,” that is, be well put together, have a logical and clearly identifiable organization and flow. The choice of medium/media may dictate the type of components used, but creativity in the use of components is important and should be evident.

4.     Mechanics: All sources are cited in APA 6th edition format and grammar is consistent with graduate studies. If you create a video, you must include your references, such as in the final credits.

Videos and other visual media must have at least the following:

·        list of all sources, references, images, data, etc.

·        APA 6th edition citation for references pages or screens

·        list of all contributors

·        title of project, your name at the beginning, title of the class, date

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