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  • To prepare:
  • Review the information in the course texton quantitative research designs. Focus on the information in Box 9.1, “Guidelines for Critiquing Research Designs in Quantitative Studies” located on page 210 of the course text.
  • Select a topic from the list below and search the Walden Library to find two different quantitative research studies addressing that issue:
    • Caregiver stress
    • Anxiety in children
    • Sleep apnea
    • Depression in college freshmen
    • Rural health care issues
    • Post-traumatic stress syndrome
    • Traumatic brain injury in veterans
    • Health effects of environmental contaminants
    • Bipolar disorder
    • End-of-life ethical issues
    • Alternative medicine
  • For each of the sources that you select, identify the type of quantitative research design used, and evaluate whether it is the most appropriate approach to the research.
  • Consider the ramifications of choosing an inappropriate design for a research study.

My Question

Post the topic you selected, references for the two sources you identified, and the quantitative research design used in each. Critique the appropriateness of the design used and justify your comments with information from the Learning Resources. Discuss the ramifications of choosing an inappropriate design for a research study.

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