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Metals are basic elements that do not degrade any further, so they are able to persist in the environment. Metals may not always stay in the same form because they are able to react to form different compounds. Research a metal that was discussed in the textbook reading such as mercury, arsenic, or cadmium. Create a PowerPoint presentation at least seven slides in length, discussing the following:

  • background information on the metal,
  • the cornerstone xenobiotic pharmacokinetic properties and effects of the metal,
  • the bioaccumulative effects of the metal in the environment and how it affects humans and the environment, and
  • concentration of metal that is considered toxic and symptoms of toxicity by this metal.

Your PowerPoint should be a cumulation of what you have learned throughout the course. For instance, if the metal has particular effects on a certain body system or organ, be sure to give information about these effects. The assignment should meet the following requirements:

  • The length should be a minimum of seven slides, not including your title and reference slides.
  • Use speaker notes to explain the key points that are provided in the slides.
  • Include least two visual aids and/or graphics.
  • A minimum of two credible sources should be used for this assignment, and the references should be properly cited in a reference list at the end of the PowerPoint.
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