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Learning Outcome 1 – An explanation on the purpose of the HRM function and the key roles and responsibilities of the HRM function

-Definitions of HRM
o What are the main functions and activities of HRM
o The ‘Best Fit’ approach vs ‘Best Practice’
o The hard and soft models of HRM

-Workforce Planning
o Types of labour market, labour market trends and PESTLE
o The internal labour market
o Analysing turnover, stability and retention

-The impact that advances in technology have had upon improving the efficiency of HRM practices.

Learning Outcome 2 – An assessment of the approach to workforce planning, recruitment and selection, development and training, performance management and reward systems

o Sources of recruitment: internal vs external recruitment
o Job analysis, job descriptions, personal specifications and competency

o Main methods of selection: strengths and weaknesses of each
o Reliability and validity as key criteria

-On-boarding and induction:
o The issues affecting successful induction and socialization of employees

-Learning, development and training:
o Differentiating development and training
§Identifying training needs – the training gap
§Types of training
§Evaluation of training
o Job and workplace design:
§Reward management: extrinsic and intrinsic rewards from work
§The link between motivational theory and reward
§Series of job design-job extension techniques

-The flexible organization:
o Types of flexibility: numerical, structural and functional flexibility
o Models of flexible organisations (e.g. Handy, Atkinson)
o Flexible working options in modern organisations
o Benefits to employers and benefits to employees of flexible working practices

-Performance and reward:
o Performance management and methods used to monitor employee performance
o Types of payment and reward system
o Methods of determination

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