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Assignment Marketing Analysis Research Report: Product Selection and List of Sources


This is the first part of a three-part assignment. The other two parts are the Marketing Analysis Research Report: Rough Draft, due in Topic 4, and the Marketing Analysis Research Report: Final Draft, due in Topic 7. Refer to “Marketing Analysis Research Report Overview” for directions for successful completion of the three-part Marketing Analysis Research Report assignment.

For this assignment, you will select a product to consider for the report and produce a list of research sources:

  1. Identify a product that will be the focus of your research. The product might be one of personal interest (e.g., computers/electronics, cell phones, cars, food services, home health care) or concern (e.g., blood diamonds, tobacco).
  2. Do some preliminary research (on the Internet and/or in the GCU Library) to ascertain if source information on the product (and/or industry) is available. Avoid choosing a product for which data is difficult to find.
  3. Find a minimum of three sources that you think will provide sufficient information for your analysis and make a list for instructor approval. The GCU Library Research Guide contains many helpful resources.

In a Word document,

  1. Briefly describe the consumer appeal and environmental factors that you think might influence the market for this product.
  2. Propose how this product could have implications for ethical, social responsibility, or global issues in the market.

Refer to “Marketing Analysis Research Report Overview” for a list of possible ethical and social responsibility issues in marketing. With instructor approval, you may also choose an issue that is not on the list.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Submit the assignment for instructor approval by the end of Topic 1.

The instructor must approve product selection and sources. The instructor will advise the student by the third day of Topic 2.

MKT-245-RS-Research Report Outline.docx this file is attached.

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