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Choose a medicinal herb (for our purposes, any plant used medicinally) to learn more about.This would be some portion of a plant that is purported to better the health of the human body.Write a 2-3 page double spaced paper that answers the following:

1) What is the history of the medicinal use of the herb?

2)Has there been any scientific research on the claims of the herb?If so, what? (Find actual scientific studies – not reports on websites)

3)What are the potential dangers of the herb?

4)Knowing what you do after this research, would you yourself take this herb if your health warranted it?

Cite all of your references in proper scientific style (i.e the actual journal and not the weblink to its PDF or search engine).Use the search technique you use last semester and try to find actual scientific sources. Avoid Wikipedia and other Encyclopedias, as well as sites that sell herbal products!

Please no plagiarism.

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