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Completing a psychology internship at a family counseling organization. Please complete the following journal questions. 

Write your personal reactions, thoughts and feelings as they relate to a counseling internship.  Try not to judge or analyze your writings.  Your journal should reflect thoughtful writing related to your internship experience.  The following questions are to be used as a guide.

1. What are the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing during time at your internship?

2.  How do you see yourself in the initial stages of your internship? How is it for you to begin? If this is for your last journal, how is it for you to end?

3.  What are you learning about: yourself, the way your agency operates, the target population your agency serves, the field of counseling and psychology?

4.  What adjustments do you find yourself making to accommodate to this setting, staff, & clients?  What do you relate these adjustments to?

5.  What are the highs and lows of your experience with your agency?

6.  What feedback are you being given by your supervisor, other staff, and clients?  What is your reaction to this feedback?

7.  What do you feel most prepared for and least prepared for?  What additional education do you feel would be useful to you if you were to continue with this placement?


8.  Describe the structure of the agency and its relationship to the community it serves.  What changes would you advocate in order to promote more effective delivery of services?

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