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- Answer the following questions using as many proper paragraphs as you need.

- Proper paragraphs have an introduction sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

- Questions may require multiple paragraphs to answer.

- Each answer should be fully explained.

- If you find yourself answering a question in a sentence or two you are not sufficiently answering the question.

- A very high standard of output is expected.

- A copy of your answers must be submitted to www.turnitin.com.


Q. What is a position?

A. A position is a blah blah.It tends to be this. It can also be that. A position is etc.In conclusion, a position is such and such.

Please answer by rewriting the question below and then placing your answer directly under it.

For example, question 1 has 3 parts, each with their own sub-question, therefore your answer to question 1 will have three sections to it and each section of the question will have that portion of the question followed by your answer. If this is not clear, please text me.

You must answering the questionsusing only the attached book and below link to video :


  • Chapter 1
    • a) What is meant by the term “position”?
    • b) Describe the reasons why the author argues that it is unwise to argue or negotiate over positions
    • c) In the radio station purchase video, what were the stated positions of the parties?
  • Chapter 2
    • a) Why does the author advocate “separating the person from the problem”?
    • b) Describe each of the suggestions from the book on how to “separate the person from the problem”.
  • Chapter 3
    • a) What is an underlying interest?
    • b) Why it is so hard for a negotiator to determine the other party’s underlying interest?
    • c) In the TV station purchase video, what were the underlying interests of the parties?
    • d) What is the probability that the TV station negotiation in the video would have resulted in a contract of sale if the mediator had not intervened and gotten the parties to focus on their interests? (Note there is no right answer to this question, it is your opinion based upon what you observed in the video, but back up your answer). Explainwhy you say that.
  • Chapter 4
    • a) What does “inventing options for mutual gain” mean, and how can this be more effective than simply negotiating or arguing over the parties stated positions?
    • b) Describe the techniques the author suggests for inventing options.
    • c) How did the negotiators in the Union negotiation video create options to resolve the training by seniority issue?What were some of the options?

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