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the effect (cash receipt or cash payment and amount) of each of the following transactions, considered individually, on cash flows:

1.    Retired $330,000 of bonds, on which there was $3,300 of unamortized discount, for $343,000.

2.    Sold 12,000 shares of $25 par common stock for $55 per share.

3.    Sold equipment with a book value of $44,000 for $63,400.

4.    Purchased land for $446,000 cash.

5.    Purchased a building by paying $65,000 cash and issuing a $110,000 mortgage note payable.

6.    Sold a new issue of $150,000 of bonds at 99.

7.    Purchased 2,900 shares of $15 par common stock as treasury stock at $29 per share.

8.    Paid dividends of $1.60 per share. There were 27,000 shares issued and 4,000 shares of treasury stock.

  EffectAmounta. Cash payment 

$b. Cash receipt 

$c. Cash receipt 

$d. Cash payment 

$e. Cash payment 

$f. Cash receipt 

$g. Cash payment 

$h. Cash payment 

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