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Assignment: In 1000+ words, write a rebuttal argument, as discussed in GR Chapter 12. Choose an essay you disagree with, but NOT one you think is particularly poorly written. This essay does not have to be from the textbooks, but should be from a credible source, should have a persuasive aim, and should be on a debatable topic. Be sure to cite the essay you choose correctly.

In your essay, first summarize the argument you’re responding to, including the most relevant points, and then explain how and why you disagree. Note that you do not need to take the exact opposite position of the essay you are responding to; you just need to disagree in some significant way. It is acceptable to find common ground with the essay (indeed, I encourage it), even while disagreeing with it (e.g. “Senator Jones is absolutely correct that the mice in the capitol building have gotten completely out of hand, but his solution of purchasing 100 cats to hunt the mice will create larger problems”). Your goal should be to convince your readers to accept your argument rather than that of the essay to which you are responding.

Use and cite outside sources. Include an additional works cited page in MLA format (unless we’ve already discussed another format).

Audience: Your audience for this essay is made up of readers who have a casual familiarity with your topic, and are inclined to disagree with you, but who have not yet made up their minds.

See attached rubric for grading scheme.

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