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I need “4” different essays written on each topics below for a music class. Each essay is numbered with instructions. At least two sources for each essay. I need these 4 essays written within the next 2 weeks.

Essay #1. The blues had a profound impact on early rock and roll. From the list below, choose one of the three pairs of songs that include one blues and one early rock and roll song each. Your task is to identify, list, and describe in as much detail as possible two musical elements (e.g., instrumentation, form, subject of the lyrics, or vocal delivery style) that the two songs in each pair have in common, and two elements where they differ.

· Pair one: Walking’ Blues (Skip James) and Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley)

· Pair two: 34 Blues (Charley Patton) and Boogie In the Park (Joe Hill Louis)

· Pair three: Devil Got My Woman (Skip James) and Rock Awhile (Goree Carter)

Essay #2. Phil Spector was an important producer who created an original sound and recording style. Your task is to first, list and describe some of the techniques that Spector developed, and how they affected the sound of his recordings. Choose any two songs produced by Phil Spector, and describe how they reflect his stylistic traits.

· The Crystals, “Then He Kissed Me”

· The Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'”

· The Ronettes, “Baby I Love You”

· Ike & Tina Turner, “River Deep – Mountain High”

Essay #3. Female musicians have always played a significant role in popular music. Choose two of the following three female musicians and complete the task and questions below: • Memphis Minnie (born Lizzie Douglas) • Carole King • Patti Smith

Briefly discuss their careers and musical contributions. In what genres of music did they (or do they still) perform? What instrument(s) do they play? In interviews, have they discussed their female identities and how it affects their careers?

Essay #4. By the late 1960s, rock had become a genre almost totally dominated by white artists. Consider the following non-white rock artists: • Carlos Santana • Joan Armatrading • Living Colour

Choose two artists and discuss their biographies and careers. How would you characterize their music? Have these artists discussed their relationship to the whiteness of rock?

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