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Internal Governance Week 6

  1. Identify, read, and briefly review 6 readings,podcasts, or videos of your choice on creating a great customer experience. They must relate to internal governance (processes, policies and procedures), one for each specific business system (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Administration, Finance, Books andRecordkeeping). Explain what you learned.

Suggested podcasts: from NPR.org: 2 Guys on Your Head, Think, Hidden Brain, TED Radio Hour  and from KUT radio Two Guys on Your Head

  1. Write ONE policy for ONE specific business system (see list above) with procedures based on what you learnedabout customer experience that would be appropriate for your business idea. Use the following format:
    1. Process Name
    2. Purpose
    3. Revision History — This will say “No revisions”
    4. Persons Affected
    5. Definitions
    6. Responsibilities
    7. Procedures List
    8. Include your remedies for people not following the process and how you will train staff, monitor compliance, revise and make changes, and how you will know to remove any part of it.,

(The first 7 steps are based on the recommended format in Stephen Page’s book,  Best Practices in Policies and Procedures, available in the Grafton Library)

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