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As you begin your doctoral studies, no doubt you have hopes and dreams of what you plan to achieve, and some expectations about how kaplan University can help you realize those dreams. This week, you will explore your dream, your vision of yourself as a doctoral student, and as a professional with a doctoral degree. You will also learn about how University fits into your dream scheme.

Prepare a paper in which you introduce yourself to your faculty member.

Include the following in your introduction:
1- Share your Vision, professional Aspirations and educational background.
Topics of interest:
(A) In what special areas of business are you most interested?
(B) In what professional areas are you most interested? an Example to be a professor in faculty?
kaplan resources: Comment on the Kaplan resources you feel comfortable accessing. (Resources could include the Library, the Academic Success Center (ASC), the Dissertation Center, the Commons, etc.).
2 – In what area(s) do you think you will need extra support (if any)?
3- Discuss your rationale for choosing your Ph.D. Discuss your motivation to pursue the highest degree in the land. an Example to supporting your self and your community
4- Develop personal and professional goals and realistic expectations for achieving those goals.
5- Share your idea(s) for your research topic about management . Some students have a vague idea of what they would like to research, while others do not. Share your idea(s) for your research topic. If you do not have an idea yet, do not worry – just state that you do not have an idea yet.

Professor Instructions

1- Length: (3-4 pages), double spaced. The page count begins with the first word in the introduction and ends with the last word in the summary or conclusion. The assignment coversheet, title page, and references page(s) do not count toward page count.
2- Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Be sure to adhere to Kaplan University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
3- Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5 %. It will be Rejected .
4- Writing all the References at the of end page. Thanks.

Solution Preview
1- Share your Vision, professional Aspirations and educational background. Topics of interest:

(A) In what special areas of business are you most interested?

Depending on the student preferences, the business can entail management to financial specifications that assists any organizations on the purpose to improve their bottom-line long-term. The business areas are designed for students to expose the current and modern day practices in human resources, marketing / sales, strategic, financial, and product and development along with supply management protocols. Thus, the business areas are dependent on the person’s interests that (a) encourages interests long-term to achieve higher class grades (b) informative that assist in the future careers experiences.

(B) In what professional areas are you most interested? An Example to be a professor in faculty?
Depending on the student prospects and interests the university resources in professional areas can deal with access to experts …

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