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The volume of criminal cases being tried across the United States, coupled with many agencies being understaffed, makes it challenging for agencies to stay current on legal issues. Recognizing the importance of staying current on legal issues, in this activity you will practice your research skills, while refining your presentation skills, by providing a summary of selected legal cases most associated with the criminal justice system. 

Your task is to prepare a presentation for delivery to local criminal justice stakeholders. This presentation will be a minimum of 22 slides. 

Complete the following for this assignment: 

  1. Use this Web site to locate 1 case involving each of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and 14th Amendments. You will locate a different case for each amendment, for a total of 5 different cases. The cases should have occurred in the last 10 years.  
  2. Create an introductory slide for your PowerPoint presentation to provide the reader your project’s purpose and scope.  
  3. Create 4 slides for each case example for each case that you have chosen:  
    • Slide 1 will provide the introduction (or basis) for the case  
    • Slide 2 will provide the summary of the case  
    • Slide 3 will provide the key legal question(s)  
    • Slide 4 will provide the decision 
  4. Create a conclusion slide for your PowerPoint presentation that wraps up the entire presentation and provides the reader with your thoughts on your findings about the state of law regarding these amendments. 
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