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NOTE: Remember that this is a business paper. Not a journal, or a feasibility study, not a narrative style. That means you write in a business style. Examples are syllabus’, resumes, and standard business papers (not business text books). Don’t state too broad or general. All answers should be specific and start with bullet point. Ex(After initial 2years, Increase net income at least 4% every year) ( Franchising: Rent from franchisees account estimated 10.1bilion)
Company Name
Objective: (What is your company’s short term objective? What is their long term (i.e. 5-year) goal(s)?)
• Short term:
• Long term:
Mission: (In one sentence, what is the company’s purpose? This can be a broad, industry-wide statement.)
Vision: (A short, broad statement of what the company wants to accomplish long term, and how it will do it.)
Strategy: In a short paragraph (35-words max) try to state the company’s strategic plan to compete and win in the industry, and the market place. A strategy is the plan to accomplish its mission.
Business Summary: (One sentence stating what your business does, where, and for how long. What are its main products, and/or services?)
Target Market: (Who are your customers/consumers? Use demographics, psychographics, behavioral analysis and/or geographic analysis to describe them. )
Industry Analysis: (This is your summary of the 5-Forces. Profits come from the forces with the highest power. Describe how your company fits within the industry based on your analysis of the 5-Forces.)
Business Model: (How does your company make money? (Note: sometimes the way companies make money isn’t obvious.))
Competitive Analysis: (This is the summary of the SWOT analysis. This is a snapshot in time of how your company leverages its Strengths and Opportunities against competition, and also how they use these to overcome their Weaknesses and the Threats to the company.)
Competitive Position/Advantage: (This is the list of Linked Activities which because of the number of activities and how they fit well together creates a sustainable advantage, and a very difficult barrier for competitors to overcome. )
Competitors: (Who are the direct and indirect competitors? If you choose to, you may include a market map on a separate page to show how your company is positioned against competitors (i.e. services/products on one axis and convenience or price/quality or experience on the other axis).)
Trade-Offs: (These are potential ways to make revenue and profit with your company, but they do not Fit the company’s strategic plan, and will eventually cause revenue and profit losses.)
Conclusions/Recommendations: (You have the opportunity to offer additional reasons that support the objective; and/or you may offer a different objective(s) based on your case analysis.)


1)A TWO-PAGER includes charts, graphs, tables and financial analysis.
2)Provide a separate sheet with the 5-Forces written out. And a separate sheet with the SWOT analysis written out.
3)Discuss how kelleher’s early leadership modeld shouthwest’s culture and how this enabled the firm to provide high-quality services at low prices. Identify some ways in which southwest has departed from his initial vision and discuss one or two actions that Kelly must take to deal with recent challenges.

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