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This is an assignment that has been designed to be a research-oriented project.  You are to select a topic that is of personal significance and relevance to you.  Please select an area of your life that you are looking to make some improvements.  Once you have selected your topic, you are to conduct some research on this topic and gather a minimum of five outside research sources to include in your paper.  You will then create an overview of your topic, summarizing the major findings from your research.  Then you will create a specific plan for self-improvement.  You will want to be as detailed and specific as possible, providing actually steps that you will work in your plan toward achieving the goal you have set for yourself.  You will address specific questions as outlined in more details below:

Introduction to the Assignment

Psychology studies both the human mind and human behavior. Within this course you will learn about human perception, memory, motivation, emotion, personality, and self-development. This information can help you better understand yourself. Further, this information can be applied to your own future self-development – psychology has great personal and practical relevance. In fact, a central goal of this course and the textbook is to demonstrate and reinforce the practical applications of psychology.

The Assignment

Identify some trait or feature of your personality that you would like to improve or develop in the future. Summarize the information contained in each of the research resources you investigated and explain why you found the information in the resource practical and applicable to your own personal growth. What was its significance and relevance to your personal goals and plans for self-development and improvement? Specifically describe your present state and your goal. Describe a strategy or plan and specific actions. Why do you think your plan would work? What obstacles or problems might interfere and how would you deal with these problems? How would you evaluate the success of the plan?

(Due by Lesson Thirteen but may be turned in earlier)

Some Suggested Possible Topics:

These topics are only suggestions to stimulate your thinking. You may select some other topic that has psychological and personal significance.

•Stress – The Development of Coping Skills

•Enhancement of Creativity

•Development of Learning Skills

•Improvement of Memory

•Interpersonal Relationships – With groups, family, friends, etc.

•Parenting Skills – Interaction with Children

•Changing Habits – Using Learning Principles to Change Behavior

•Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization

•Understanding and Learning from Dreams

•Developing Increased Self-Insight and Self-Understanding

•Thinking Skills – Improving Critical and Rational Thinking

•Understanding and Improving Love and Affiliation

•Understanding and Improving Self-Motivation – Success Motivation

If you need help, conduct your instructor to discuss possible topics.

Directions for Completing Assignment:

•Identify a Psychological Area of Personal Interest or Practical Significance

•Identify a Goal of Understanding or Improvement

•Conduct Research on the Topic

It is recommended but not required that you access and read through the Information Literacy Tutorial in the Rio Salado College Home Page.

Go to the Rio Salado Information Literacy Tutorial and follow the steps outlined at – https://allaplusessays.com/order. The tutorial outlines the important steps to go through in conducting an information research inquiry on the internet.

Conduct a research investigation of information resources, successfully locating and identifying at least five Web site information resources relevant to the topic. Go to the Psychology Web Bibliography as a starting point for your research. You can also use print based information resources, but only as additional or supplemental sources. You are required to use at least five Web sites as your primary resources. Summarize in note form the relevant information on the topic you find in this research. Also make sure you gather the relevant citation information for these sources – e.g., author(s), publishers, dates if printed material or web site addresses if web material.

Gather any additional information on the topic, for example, from the textbook or lesson readings, and create notes on this information as well.

•Write the Essay

Write a draft of the essay – first describing in introductory form the topic and your goal – then outline your plan for self-development including relevant information you gathered in your research – then outline a brief conclusion. Use the Guidelines and Rules for Success (found in your Syllabus) for organizing and writing this draft. Make sure you specifically address in the essay:

•Identification of a personal trait you want to improve

•Summarization of research on that trait

•Why improvement of the trait is important for your self-development

•An assessment of your present state

•A specific goal identified

•A plan with specific actions

•An explanation of why you think the plan will work

•Identification of obstacles and problems

•A way to evaluate success of the plan

Wherever in the paper you describe information drawn from your research, briefly cite the source of that information at that point in the paper and include at the end of the paper the complete citations of these information sources. 

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