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PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology – Assignment Example

Summary Chapter eleven discusses four theories of personality and concludes by the relationship between nature, nurture and personality before describing personality assessment. The first theory discussed is Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis in which Freud views personality from three…

The humanistic theories are also discussed in the chapter (Ellen et al.: slides 16-18), and these theories are presented as more humanistic than Freud’s theories. In this case, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is outlined. The chapter analysis that under these theories, although parents set up conditions for their children, there is a person centered therapy where people are taught to live by their own values.

Moreover, the chapter discusses trait theories (Ellen et al.: slides 19-23) and the way they explain personality and differences among people with regard to personal characteristics that consider situations. It explores some ideas proposed by early trait theorists. The chapter concludes the topic by listing five factors that were considered by trait theorists as most significant in personality.

The chapter also theories (Ellen et al.: slides 24-27) where the situation trait debate is analyzed. The components of Bandura’s reciprocal determinism model are discussed, in addition to the locus of control and what it contributes to personality.

Lastly (slides 28-38), the nature, nurture and personality are discussed and the way personality differs across culture. The chapter concludes by discussing personality assessment methods, the rating scales and tests. In this light, chapter eleven highlights the projection of the result’s insight to personality.

Chapter twelve discusses psychological disorders including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, and other psychological disorders.

The chapter starts by defining psychological disorder (Ellen et al.: slide 2-8) as mental processes or behavioral pattern that leads to emotional distress and finally impairs the mental functioning of an individual. The criteria to be used to determine abnormal behavior are discussed with the inclusion of DSM-IV-TR, which is used by clinicians.

The ways of preventing psychological disorders and the theoretical approaches used to explain …Download file to see next pages

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