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Marketing 427

Find information to answer questions, each question requires more than 200 words. Every point in each question needs to  be answered.

1. Using education as an example, define and explain the elements of intangible service products:  1. Heterogeneity; 2. Simultaneous production and consumption; 3. Perishability.  Give multiple examples of each in an education setting.  How could the University “overcome” some of challenges associated with each in a service setting?

2. Define physical evidence and servicescapes.  Drawing on the textbook, the lecture, your shops, and your personal experience discuss good and bad examples.  Be sure to use class concepts to defend why the servicescapes and physical evidence is good or bad and how it might be improved.  

3. Should your instructor guarantee the satisfaction of students with his performance in ?  Why or why not?  Be specific, referring to the text and the class on service guarantees.  What might be gained by the instructor offering a service guarantee?  Do you think the class is ready to be guaranteed or does it need to be improved to avoid the risk of claims?  Would you invoke the guarantee and if so, why (or why not)?  If you feel it should be improved please be specific in terms of what should be changed and why?  Your answer should go beyond “No, because students can’t be trusted” (because on the whole they can be.)  I have previously handed out a copy of the guarantee I previously offered.  A copy is on bblearn under the exam tab.  Note this question can be substituted for any questions we might draw.  Alternatively, if we draw this question we will draw a third question because some students might not feel comfortable answering this question for a grade.  However, I would very much like your honest and candid opinion.    

4. Discuss the role of the employee in service delivery.  Why is it so important?  How does the role of service employees differ from employees roles in the production of tangible goods?  What is the different roles employees’ play, why are these roles so challenging, and what do we mean when we say employees are the brand?  

5. Discuss customer-defined service standards, including the different types.  Use your personal experience to discuss the best types of standards, how to measure these standards, and some of the pitfalls for these metrics.  

6. Discuss the customer’s role in service delivery, including their role as partial employees and the opportunities and challenges this creates for the service organization.  What are some strategies for managing these partial employees?  Be specific giving examples.  

7. Discuss managing (matching) supply and demand for intangible service firms including the strategies a firm can employ.  Why is it different then for those selling tangible goods?  Be specific.  Discuss yield management strategies in the context of managing supply and demand.

8. Discuss both integrated marketing communication and pricing for services.  How is it different for services?  Cite your shops and personal experience.

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