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**This is a Global Learning co-curricular activity** Assignment: You will write a research paper in which a) you assess and critique a contemporary global issue in East Asia b) you design and appraise 1-2 creative plans of action to solve it. ** By creative I don’t mean crazy but: carefully thought, well researched, and applicable to the country you chose: China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea) Purpose: This assignment is meant to help you analyzing a global issue, evaluating possible solutions, and designing a culturally viable solution. Audience: You are writing this paper as if you were to present it at the 2019 United Nations Sustainable Development Summit. Guiding Questions: The following questions are intended to help you but you are not limited to responding them: a. How does the global issue you selected affect your chosen country socially, economically, culturally, etc.? Discuss the following: i. What is the present status of this issue? How severe is the situation? If so, how? ii. Are the trends for this issue improving, worsening, or staying the same? How are the trends for this issue measured? Do these measurements indicate the situation is changing? If so, how? b. How will other major issues (climate volatility, population growth, water scarcity, urbanization, energy demand, pollution, etc.) affect your chosen issue and the wellbeing of the community in the decades ahead? c. Based on your research, give your recommendations on how to effectively address your selected issue in the country on which you have focused. What Goals and policies, technologies, practices or investments do you recommend to solve this situation by 2020? Describe one or more local projects in your focus country that could be scaled up successfully. d. Give your suggestions for the appropriate role of communities, the national government, corporations and other organizations (United Nations, World Bank, international research agencies, non-governmental and civic organizations, etc.) in implementing your recommendations in your chosen country. e. How should communities be involved as key players in implementing these recommendations? * These questions were adapted from “The World Food Prize” at Purdue University. Resources: – Guide to effective teamwork: https://allaplusessays.com/order research/group-project-survival-guide/Pages/effective-teamwork.aspx – Guide to writing an effective research proposal: https://allaplusessays.com/order – Guide to writing a formal research paper outline: https://allaplusessays.com/order

ASN 3410- Introduction to East Asia (RVD1191) V. RESEARCH PROJECT (Global Engagement)


– Guide to revising a research paper: https://allaplusessays.com/order Feedback and Revision: The research paper will be due in “installments” (Check Class Schedule) 1st.> Research Proposal, Formal Outline, and selected sources. (Week 2) 2nd.> Final Draft. (Week 3) 3rd.> Final Paper Due. (Week 4) Written Portion Requirements: INDIVIDUAL (or as a pair if desired – in which case the requirements for length will double) Discuss particular issues raised by the assigned readings and class discussion. The essay should be no less than eight (8) pages long. Research projects should be doubled spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, one-inch margins all around. By week 14 students must turn in a formal outline and 2 to 3 pages of Scholarly Sources. (NOTE: It cannot be a list of websites). Students have the option to work in pairs and/or teams but the word requirements remain the same (For example: Team of 3 students: need to turn in 1800 to 2000 words times 3, and 1 to 2 pages of sources times 3) EXTRA CREDIT VR/360 PORTION videos, where do we get them from? Not so easy options: – If you are in Asia, and it is possible, record them with your own phone (you can use the app: Cardboard Camera from Google- it’s free, it records pictures and voice simultaneously. – If you are in Miami, you can ask a friend or classmate to record for you the place site you want. – Easiest Option: use the internet J Also we have been uploading videos to the Tea Room throughout the semester, those are our course library!!!!! How long do we need to make the VR presentation? 3 – 5 minutes per student Can we combine several videos? Yes, certainly. How do we submit VIDEOS? Upload them to YouTube and embed the link in the TEA ROOM. If you are afraid you may go viral then password protect it (and share the password in the post so we can see it J) What type of information do we need to add to the project? Basically, you need to do a voiceover. You read your research paper and make the content match the videos you select. 7) Video editing is time consuming and it is better to start earlier rather than later, especially if you don’t yet have the technical skills necessary to complete the project. Please make sure you use the Tea Room to share information, tips, and examples. It has proved very useful for students in previous semesters J The Research Project will account for 25 % of your grade (points: 13)

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