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Aristotle’s Philosophical Theory on Ethics

EDUC670 Education Law, Ethics, and Politics Aristotle’s philosophical theory on ethics is based on virtue. He argues that a virtuous person is one with acceptable character traits. According to him, virtues develop within an individual and need to be nurtured to be stable. Aristotle further suggests that ethics starts with actual moral judgments before general principles are formulated. A good character exists in a natural capacity and is developed through practice. He goes ahead to suggest that a person’s state of mind forms the basis of his or her actions. Acts are the building blocks of habits if done repeatedly. On the other hand, habits shape an individual’s character.

Aristotle related the relationship with a friend as that to oneself. He proposed that an individual pleases his or her friend because of the reputation and honor that are got in return.

Pleasure is natural and accompanies unimpeded activity meant to perfect the execution of that activity. He argued that pleasure is an element of happiness. In addition, he the good in society as something that performs a proper function. However, this can neither be addressed based on a scie………..

Aristotle’s ethical theory addresses Anscombe’s and MacIntyre’s concerns, although not in totality. Anscombe contrasted consequentialism and obligation centered on deontological ethical theories mainly but was in agreement that virtue should be placed centrally in the understanding of morality. MacIntyre gave an account of virtue, and his understanding is based on a prior account of social and moral features.

Aristotle and Kant have their ethical theories based on rationale, which is in contrast to the sentimental theory of Hume and utilitarian theory of Mill. However, Aristotle’s arguments were not fully in line with Kant’s. Some differences existed. The conception of the human good is central in the controversy of the arguments of Aristotle and Kant. According to Aristotle, hum…………….

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