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“Santeria” (Textbook)


1. What is meaning of the name “Santeria.” Is it a positive terminology or a derogatory one? Explain.

2. When and where did Santeria originate?

3. How many followers of Santeria do we have in the US and in Latin America? What kind of people do practice this religion in the US (education, economic status, ethnicity, race)? 4. Why does the author suggest that Santeria is not really a minority religion?

5. Does the author of this textbook colonize or decolonize knowledge about Santeria (Use specific examples). How? In so doing explain how Santeria has been perceived in Cuba and in the US.

6. Did this book change the way you previously thought about Santeria? How?

7. What are the fundamental beliefs of Santeria and what do you like or dislike about those beliefs?

8. Explain Santeria’s attitude toward other religions and toward Jesus

9. What does Santeria have in common with Christianity? In addressing this question Compare the moral values of Santeria and those of Christianity, as well as their vision of God. List clearly the moral values taught in Santeria religion. Do you think that Santeria is a monotheistic religion or a polytheistic religion? Why?

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