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Evidence-Based Practice DQ2: Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Manager Essay Sample

How would a nurse practitioner and a nurse manager differ with regard to how they use and incorporate EBP in their areas of practice?
Below is example from class mates
Re:Topic 1 DQ 2
A Nurse Manager should work to incorporate EBP into the daily work load for nurses in a way that is meaningful to the staff in terms of efficiency of workload, improved patient care, or improved communication between care givers. “You somehow need to show the staff how this is directly going to benefit not only themselves, but also the patient, a lot of what we do can be changed, and it will save time and energy. (HealthLeaders Media, n.d., section 6)”. Therefore, nursing managers must understand the language of research, and be able to translate the findings to meet the needs of both the patient population and the nursing staff and multidisciplinary team they work with everyday.
A Nurse Practitioner should strive to remain current on nursing research that is specific to their specialty and is pertinent to providing the best care outcomes for their clients. Using their advanced knowledge, the Nurse Practitioner should be able to integrate evidence based nursing practices that benefit their clients and their staff. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, including evidence based practices in their treatment plan “is a vital component to providing high quality, cost effective healthcare” (American Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d., para. 1).
There seems to be little difference in how the Nurse Manager and Nurse Practitioner differ in how they use research, expert opinion and quality improvement to change practice. The implementation of use of EBP would also seem to be very similar between the two advanced practice nurse specialties. As we value mentoring and preceptorship in nursing, nursing leaders, such as the nursing manager and nurse practitioner should model the changes they expect to see in their staff and lead the staff to implement EBP in a manner that is consistent with the expected outcomes.
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Re:Topic 1 DQ 2
A nurse practitioner and nurse manager would implement evidence-based practice differently into their practice. A nurse practitioner would use evidence based practice with input from the patient to guide treatment and care decisions that are the most appraise for their patient (Lehman et al., 2012). A Nurse Manager would consciously incorporate current best evidence in the delivery of care on her nursing unit, the nurse manager would be disseminating and supporting the current evidence with the responsibility of ensuring all policies and procedures are in accordance with the evidence (Lehman et al., 2012). Both the nurse manager and nurse practitioner need to be aware of Evidence- Based practice, how to find the current evidence, how to evaluate the reliability of the evidence and how to incorporate Evidence- based practice into their current role. “It is now widely recognized throughout the globe that evidence-based practice is key to delivering the highest quality of healthcare and ensuring the best patients outcomes at the lowest cost” (Melnyk & Fineout- Overholt, 2015).
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Re:Re:Topic 1 DQ 2
As nurses go about their daily duties, numerous opportunities exist for them to question the validity of current nursing practices in their hospital and to use evidence to make the care they provide more effective. EBP has become increasingly important to NPs, yet there is evidence suggesting it is not being fully implemented in clinical practice. EBP is one way to keep the busy NP’s knowledge up to date, enhance clinical judgment, and augment the existing provider-client decision-making process. Researchers believe that much of nursing lags incorporating evidence-based practice because many nurses lack the time and the knowledge of how to obtain EBP research, and often they lack education on how to fully understand research articles. Nurse managers must address these areas so that nurses become comfortable with evidence and support the usage of EBP in both clinical and non-clinical issues. Education provides the additional skills and knowledgeable to be able to critically appraise research findings. It ensures that nurses have a strong foundation to understand the processes involved in evidence-based nursing
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Re:Topic 1 DQ 2
Clinicians now recognize that evidence-based practice (EBP)is the gold standard to provide the highest quality care, ensuring the best patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare related expenses (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). Yet despite the fact that these front line colleagues encounter clinical questions that they do not have answers for, only a small percentage use and access literature to help facilitate EBP in daily practice (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). The Clinician’s role in EBP is to formulate questions to clinical problems, access and review research, integrate evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences into practice, evaluate outcomes, and disseminate the information (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015).
Nurse managers, who have historically played a very passive role in the implementation of EBP, must begin take a more active role (Wilkinson, Nutley, & Davies, 2011). Similar to the front-line clinician, nurse managers can (and do) formulate questions to clinical problems, access and review research, integrate evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences into practice, evaluate outcomes, and disseminate information, however, their talents may be better served by setting the vision of using EBP on their nursing units, establishing EBP as a priority, maintaining appropriate resources to access nursing research, actively supporting EBP, and recognizing/celebrating successes (https://allaplusessays.com/order).
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Wilkinson, J.E., Nutley, S.M., & Davies, H.T. (2011). An exploration of the roles of nurse managers in evidence based practice implementation. Wolrdviews Evid Based Nurs, 8(4), 236-46, doi: 10.1111/j.174-6787.2011.002255

Evidence-Based Practice DQ2: Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Manager Essay Sample
Evidence Based Practice DQ2

Evidence Based Practice DQ2
Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. EBP involves identifying solidly researched findings and implementing them in daily practices. The impact of Evidence Based Practice has greatly been echoed across the nursing practice, science, and education. The call for evidence-based quality improvement and healthcare transformation underscores the need for redesigning care that is effective, safe, and efficient (Stevens, 2013). Nurse practitioners and nurse managers incorporate evidence-based pra

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