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Annotated Bibliography and Outline Doctoral Identity

Baker, V. L., & Pifer, M. J. (2011). The role of relationships in the transition from doctoral student to independent scholar. Studies In Continuing Education, 33(1), 5-17. doi:10.1080/0158037X.2010.515569.  Baker and Pifer discuss the stages that doctoral students go through during their educational journey. Stage 2 was the primary focus for this research, simply because of the role stage 2 plays in a doctoral experience. The authors present studies that prove the explorations done as student’s transition through stage 2 where they find their true academic identity. The study shows that researchers understand the changes that take place as trainings in the medicine and education fields. This study shows how interviews were done of 31 doctoral students who all were either in higher education or business programs. The interviewees were either currently in stage 2 or had just completed. The three themes discussed in this article shed light on how learners survive the first experiences as doctoral students. Relying on relationships and support was the first theme the author describes as being imperative to a doctoral learner. The challenges learners face come mostly from the lack of being able to have structure in the academic process. D………………………….

Annotated Bibliography and Outline Doctoral Identity

Essay 2

Assignment 2: The Pathophysiology of Disorders

During the last 5 weeks, you have explored various body systems: neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, and hematological. These four systems work together along with other body systems to complete a myriad of functions. For this reason, when disorders occur within one body system, it can create potentially devastating effects throughout the entire body. For instance, Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system, yet its alterations actually affect multiple body systems from the cardiovascular system to the gastrointestinal system. In this Assignment, you examine alterations associated with disorders, as well as the impact of the alterations on multiple body systems

To Prepare

· From the list below, select a disorder of interest to you:

· Alzheimer’s disease

· Asthma in children

· Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

· Congestive heart failure

· Hepatic disease (liver disease)

· Hypertension

· Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

· Seizures

· Sepsis


· Identify alterations associated with your selected disorder. Consider the pathophysiology of the alterations. Think about how these alterations produce pathophysiological changes in at least two body systems.

· Reflect on how patient factors such as genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, and behavior might impact the pathophysiology of the alterations you identified, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of your selected disorder.

· Review the “Mind maps—Dementia, Endocarditis, and Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)” media in the Week 2 Learning Resources. Use the examples in the media as a guide to construct a mind map for the disorder you selected. Consider the epidemiology and clinical presentation of your selected disorder.

To Complete

Develop a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

· Key Points:

· Describe your selected disorder, as well as associated alterations. Explain the pathophysiology of the alterations, including changes that occur in at least two body systems.

· Explain how genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, and behaviormight impact the pathophysiology of the alterations you identified, as well as diagnosis and treatment of your selected disorder.

· Construct a mind map for the disorder you selected. Include the epidemiology, pathophysiology of alterations, risk factors, and clinical presentation, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

Due 01/25/2018 Thursday…Please see key points for slide presentation…Thanks

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