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This module is assessed by a single piece of coursework in essay form. Unless agreed with your lecturer in advance, you must answer one of the following eight questions .

  1. Compare and contrast the views of Weber and Polanyi on the historical origins of capitalism. Which do you find more convincing and why?
  2. Is Marx still relevant today?
  3. Does Veblen or Schumpeter provide us with a more convincing account of the role of competition in capitalism?
  4. What is the appropriate role of the state in a capitalist society? Discuss with reference to Keynes and Hayek.
  5. Did the emergence of the corporation fundamentally change the dynamics of capitalism? Discuss with reference to at least two thinkers.
  6. Do you agree with Berle and Means that the corporation has separated ownership from control? Does it matter?
  7. Why has capitalism survived despite its repeated crises? Discuss with reference to at least two thinkers .
  8. Is capitalism a system of individual freedom, class conflict, or both? Discuss with reference to at least two thinkers.

All essays should be fully referenced in  Harvard style, and no more than  3,000 words in length (including footnotes, excluding bibliography/reference list).

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