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Explain why motivating employees is an elevated leader/manager concern in an increasingly outsourced and virtual business world.

Explain why motivating employees is an elevated leader/manager concern in an increasingly outsourced and virtual business world.

Assignment 2: Motivating Employees

Motivating employees is of paramount concern for leaders and managers. Organizations seeking to implement significant changes must take into account the effects of employee motivation and morale on the change process.

Using the module readings and the Argosy University online library resources, research the importance of motivating employees.

Based on your research, address the following:

  • Explain why motivating employees is an elevated leader/manager concern in an increasingly outsourced and virtual business world.
  • Use your textbook, appropriate trade journals, and academic peer-reviewed journal articles to support your argument.

Write a 3–4-page paper in Word format.  Note: The title page, references, and appendices are  not included in the page count.

One of the major efforts being undertaken  currently in medical informatics is the installation of EHR systems in  allsizes of health systems, hospitals, clinics, and practices. Using  the South University Online Library or the Internet, research on EHR.  Based on your research and understanding, answer the following  questions:
  • Why has EHR adoption been so slow? Why did the early systems fail?
  • What core functions make up a typical electronic health system?
  • What is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and how does it relate to EHRs?
  • What are the current governmental incentives for installing EHR  systems? What are the ramifications if systems do not start using EHR?
  • What are the requirements for optimal utilization of EHR systems?
  • What is certified EHR? Why is it important?
  • How can EHR systems reduce cost and increase quality of care?
Discuss at least two health implicative effects of environment and smoking on an unborn fetus or children. Your initial response should be between 250 to 350 words.

Prompts 2 and 3 minumum 150 words each

2. A 29-year-old newly immigrated woman complains of weakness, shortness of breath, cough, and night sweats for the past month. She denies other symptoms, significant medical history, or allergies.

Which lab or imaging tests would you order for this patient and give a brief explanation of why?

From the information provided, list your differential diagnoses in the order of “most likely” to “possible but unlikely.”

3. Evaluate the ways quality assurance/improvement and clinical outcome measurements are supported by clinical information systems.

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