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POLS 481: The politics of developing countries

Essay #2 – Development Topic Analysis

For paper #2 you will present an analysis of a current issue in the politics of developing countries, you are open as to which issue you choose to present on but the issue must be directly related to development. In addition to presenting on a topic of your choice, you will analyze the issue from one of the theoretical perspectives covered in the course.

Specifically, your essay must include the following components:

· The use of at least 3 outside sources (other than the texts used in the course)

· Analysis of the issue from a modernization, dependency, neoliberal/globalization school of thought, sustainable development or post-modern/post-colonial theory

· Include at least one visual component in your paper – you may reference a map, chart, grid or picture (be sure to cite your source.)

The topic you choose should be regional or country specific, you may use this paper as an opportunity to research a country which you may want to use to write your comparative final paper on. The topic you choose should be well researched, including reference to detailed evidence and a well developed narrative of the topic. Although you may research environmental and social issues, you will need to demonstrate the way in which your topic is clearly a topic of global development relevant to the politics of developing countries.

Your essay should be 5-7 pages long, printed on 8X11 1/2 paper in 12 point Times New Roman font style and doubled spaced with page numbers. Do not include a title page, rather include the title on the first page of the paper. Include a Works Cited page at the end with Chicago style citations which are singled spaced. You may refer to the Writing Assignment guidelines in Blackboard for questions on citations and other technical instructions.

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