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Due Date: 12-5  


The Political Participation Project must be presented when called on, or it is late. Missed or late Political Participation Projects will incur a 15% diminished credit, and will only be accepted as requested by Professor Giglio’

This is an individual assignment, not a group activity. Do not use past, personal, family, or friend experiences. 

Part 1 – 10% 

A.  Participate (physically participate) in one of the following avenues of political participation only: election precinct poll worker, voter registration drive, political campaign, political party, political office holder, public safety.

B.  Construct a visual presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, or equivalent) documenting your experience. The amount of time devoted to this pursuit must be sufficient to understand the relevance of the activity to the political process (suggested engaged hour commitment, 3-5). The presentation should be  no more than 7 minutes in length. You are responsible for set up, and function of all necessary electronic media, and or materials. 

C.  Required elements and Grading of the presentation: personal introduction (5 pts), date or dates of participation (5 pts), what is the purpose of the organization (5 pts), description of what you did (5 pts), what were your responsibilities (5 pts), who did you interact with (5 pts), what was gained, influenced, and or accomplished as a results of your participation (20 pts), does the group support a healthy political process, why or why not? (50 pts), over 7 minute presentation (-10 pts)

Part 2 – 10% Students are expected to attend all classes. Participation grade is equal to the total number of class absences divided by total number of course classes. Class participation is credited only for full periods attended. Do not come late, or leave early.  You must sign the attendance sheet for credit. Signing in for another student is grounds for disciplinary action. Any absence excused by the instructor must be accompanied by qualifying documentation requested by the instructor.

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