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Leadership and Organizational Management

Describing the Organization and the Issue to Resolve

HP is quite a common household name when it comes to technological appliances. The company was developed by two students from the same class in Stanford University that shared the innovative idea. These were Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard hence the initial HP for the companies name (Malone, 2015). The company went on to get established on the first day of the year 1939. The organization has its headquarters based in Palo Alto in California. The company deals with the designing of, manufacture and servicing of products within the technical field. Currently, HP holds the position of the world’s best-selling PC’s while also holding the fifth position among the most exquisite software companies (Malone, 2015). The company boasts of employing over a hundred and seventy-two employees across a hundred and twenty nations. This gives the organization an annual revenue of about one hundred and five billion dollars (Malone, 2015). HP is quite dominant in the technology market and has a position well placed above other companies throughout history.

            Despite the successful record through the years, HP also faces some issues when it comes to its operations. The establishment of the organization in over 120 countries creates a multicultural and diverse workforce (Harvey, & Allard, 2015). This kind of workforce has become an issue when it comes to management. The workforce has brought about two different problems. For one, the accommodation of other cultures has been quite a bother to the company. Since the company is based on an American culture, its expansion to other regions has brought a need to accommodate new traditions. The other issue in the diversification of the workforce is the satisfaction of minority groups within the organization. This comes in line with their wages and promotion to higher ranks in their employment. Most especially women.

            These two problems fall under diversity management which is the main issue for the organization. The slow uptake of foreign cultures has been a hindrance to productivity in other nations. The production rate is slowed down as the organization tries to learn the new culture and learn how to interact with the new market. On women promotion, the growth of the organization is limited in that the women may not fully give their best input due to the dissatisfaction. This limits the maximization of profits as well as the utilization of the labor resource for the company. When one woman creates the idea of dissatisfaction among the rest, it becomes quite hard for the organization to maintain a peaceful internal environment. This acts as a distraction since the time used in dealing with this issue could have been used in other production processes.

Analyzing Current Corporate Culture

            The current corporate culture of the organization is an outgoing one. The company is focused on infiltrating other markets in other nations. The company is set on the notion that diversity is a strong market dominance tool (Harvey, & Allard, 2015). Through this diversification, the organization has been able to keep their brand at the top of the market chain. The inclusion of minority groups in the workforce has also come as a result of diversification (Harvey, & Allard, 2015). Through this HP believes that they have a better market grip and true enough the diversification has put them at the top of the market. They believe that diversification is a competitive advantage. ‘HP has managed to adopt the three dimensions of diversification. They have fully accommodated the primary, secondary and tertiary dimensions in their enhancement as a company. Diversification makes it easier for them to interact with new environments. HP also strives to achieve ethics appreciation in its organizational functions. To stay in line with ethical expectations legally and in societal eyes, diversity has been deeply incorporated into the organization (Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2015). All this are in line with their vision to become a renowned technological company in the world.

            This emphasis on diversification has not only been beneficial to the organization. It is through the diversification that the issue to do with diversity management comes in. The organization has faced the problem of culture adoption only because of the culture that drives them to explore the market. This move has been directly linked to the diversity management issue. No matter how willing the organization is willing to succeed, such challenges have to come by when they go into a new cultural environment. Their move on diversification is also responsible for the organization’s that involves the minority groups. Accommodation of minority groups in order to enhance ethical organizational management has gone ahead to cause the issues that come with them.

Analyzing Areas of Weakness

            HP’s weakness comes in how fast they are when it comes to the uptake of a workforce that embraces the needs of diversity. The organization is fast to employ individuals from the minority groups to satisfy ethical requirements but it does not act equally as fast in accommodating them within the organization. The organization fails to accommodate them by lacking the equal sharing of opportunities immediately they involve new individuals. They should be able to provide equal pay and job promotion for their workforce regardless of the sex, race, and religion among other factors that determine diversity (Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2015). The promotion of women into top job positions has been quite slow even after the issue was raised. The equalization of pay has also been quite slow and has been ongoing for years with very little changes.

            When it comes to the infiltration of other markets, the problem comes in with the adoption of the culture. The adoption is slow due to the dissatisfied workforce from the issue of equal treatment within the organization in terms of pay and promotion. The weakness here also lies in the lack of patience when going into a new environment. HP can be more successful if it took more time to study a market before it expanded there (Bernaciak, 2015). Currently, it does, but in a hurried manner. The process requires time to learn each market specifics. Through this study, there is time-saving when it comes to market expansion since the new culture can be quickly adopted.

Proposing Solution

            In order to overcome this challenges, some measures can be put in place in order to ensure that diversification only has a positive impact on the organization. First of all, HP can have a specified format for promotion. The organization can include a gender rule in top job spaces. They can have equality achieved her by that for every man that is in a leadership position, their deputy must be a female or vice versa. In this way, top position holdings can be balanced out among individuals in the organization.

            When it comes to salaries, the organization can have a specified payroll that caters to this. It can assign different salaries to members of the organizations but with a clear relation to the roles that these individuals play within the organization. This will enable the feeling of equality due to the clear illustration of where the salary difference comes in. On market infiltration, the organization can have prior preparation by first establishing research teams in the foreign market then deciding how efficient it is to go into this market (Bernaciak, 2015). This way, the company can have smooth entrances into new markets.

Executive Summary

            From my research, I managed to identify the real sources of our organization’s issues. They simply originate from our culture of diversification. I figured out that we are quite fast to satisfy ethical requirements but slow to accommodate their results (Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2015). This can be seen in how we are able to come up with a workforce that is diversified. We are able to include minority groups in our force but their accommodation seems to surpass us. In the case of market sourcing and infusion, we are also good at identifying worthy markets and making moves to establish our company there. Our problem comes in where we have to start struggling with the accommodation of the new culture. The culture of new markets has time and again taken us quite a period of time before we can actually grasp and totally understand it. This is quite limiting to our progress as an organization and delays our efforts to enhance our market domination.

            In order to successfully recover from this challenges, I recommend that we, first of all, introduce a credible promotion system. By this, I mean imposing a gender rule when it comes to the occupation of the top positions in our organizations. Let’s take for example my position in my committee, my assistant should be of the opposite sex which is not the case. This way, the genders can be balanced and a peaceful internal environment can be enhanced. On the issue to do with the infiltration into new markets, the best solution would be in first establishing a strong basis in the new market. This can be done by deploying research teams within the target market prior to the move (Bernaciak, 2015). The information gathered in their expedition can be used to successfully indulge in the market. The knowledge of the new market will reduce the time that is wasted when settling there and learning the new culture (Bernaciak, 2015). These methods can help our organization solve the issue of diversity management.

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